The Metropolitan Police Service has a mandate for change to ensure that it delivers the best possible policing for London, driving forward the Commissioner’s mission of more trust, less crime, high standards.

The Met leadership team must modernise the uniquely British invention of policing by consent – fixing the Met to be fit to serve ahead of its bicentenary and, more importantly, fit for London’s communities and the challenges we will share. This can only be achieved through an ambitious programme of reform.

Precise community crime fighting with the strongest-ever neighbourhoods: community policing is the Met’s foundation and needs to be strengthened. This requires engagement within London’s communities and with its partners in decisions about how we keep London safe. Hard-hitting surges of activity targeting the crimes people care about are underway and delivering results. The Met will continue to take a victim-centred approach to crime – the commitment to attend all home burglaries is one example.

This work goes hand in hand with the need to invest in the workforce. The Met will give London the strongest neighbourhood policing ever by recruiting more local officers and community support officers to create stronger, more capable, teams who really know their communities and can build strong local partnerships to fix local problems.

High standards means we must rid the Met of those who corrupt its integrity and set our honest, often heroic, dedicated officers and staff up to succeed. An Anti-Corruption and Abuse Command will proactively hunt down corrupt officers and we have begun to set more explicit standards so that our people know what is expected of them. We know we need to overhaul our culture with our values at the heart of everything we do.

Relentless data driven delivery and innovation: using data well is integral to how the Met will prevent and fight crime. Bringing scientific innovation into how we measure performance will be at the forefront of achieving our mission, through becoming as efficient and effective as possible.

The Met is investing in technology to enable it to identify how the public feel about its service in real time so its enhanced neighbourhood teams can respond quickly to tackle problems as they emerge. The Met’s first ever Chief Scientific Officer is providing expert advice, and a taskforce of data and tech companies has been established to strengthen this area of the organisation.

With a clear mission and the right top team, the Met will renew policing by consent with precise community crime fighting and the strongest ever neighbourhood teams.  It will drive the Met’s day-to-day performance by exploiting data, insight and tech and adapt to a fast-changing world. By ruthlessly guarding its integrity and rooting out the bad, and empowering its workforce to succeed, it will deliver on its pledge: more trust, less crime, high standards.

We’ll reset our values and the way we work.

With London communities and our people, we’ve reset our values and guiding principles, to help deliver cultural reform across the Met. We’re reasserting what we want our people to be, how we want them to behave and the culture we want to build. These values and principles will be embedded in our HR processes that develop and assess our people, meaning we’re all judged by how we work.

Principles: how we work and make decisions:


We will prioritise the Londoners we serve in everything we do. We will listen to them and work with them to solve problems.


We will prioritise officers and staff who work directly with the public, so they have what they need to provide the best service to Londoners.


We will be anti-discriminatory. We will seek to understand diverse perspectives and treat people according to their needs. We will create a workplace where everyone can thrive and is accessible and inclusive to all.


We recognise policing in London is at its best when the diverse communities we serve help us shape our response and the impact we have. We will take every opportunity to work with partners and our colleagues; to listen, reflect, learn and act.


We will make data and insight driven decisions informed by the best available evidence so we focus our efforts on achieving results with the greatest benefit to the public.